Salvage Yard Rules for Pic A Part LLC

All customers must following our salvage yard rules to enter. Those who do not abide by our simple rules will be asked to leave with out getting the parts you want. These simple rules protect you and us, remember this is a junkyard not a playground.

Pic-A-Part, LLC reserves the right to refuse entry to customers not following company policies.

Must Be 18 years old to enterMust Be 18 Years Old To Enter Yard!

NO ONE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE will be admitted to the yard AND Must Show ID

One US DollarYou Pay $1 One US Dollar

Come in review and agree to our terms and conditions and buy your membership to enter our yard for only $1 best buck you will spend. Follow us on Facebook or come back to the site often take advantage of life time membership deals!!!

No Open Toe ShoesNo Open Toe Shoes, Sandals or FlipFlops

Please be sure to dress appropriately keep in mind while looking for the parts you need you will be exposed to various hazards in a junk yard environment.

No TorchesNo Cutting Torches Plasma Cutters or Grinders

Sorry we can not allow these types of tools in our yard parts must be removed by hand as cutting torches present a danger to the entire yard.

No Bumper or Scissor JacksNo Bumper, Scissor or Bottle Jacks
Hydraulic Floor Jacks Only!

Ground in the yard can often times be soft and unstable if you need help with heavy items PLEASE ASK FOR HELP!!!!

Bring Your Own ToolsBring Your Own Tools

Sorry we can not lend you any tools you must bring your own. Hand tools and cordless tools only we will not supply electric or compressed air.  All toolboxes will be inspected when entering & leaving the yard.

No PicturesNo Photography Allowed in the Yard

Violators will be asked to leave and will lose membership privileges to the yard.

Oil PansNo removing oil pans, transmission or differential covers!

Ask first… you pull it you bought it

Shoplifters will be Prosecuted


No SmokingNo smoking
is allowed around our office building or in the yard.