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Missie Reitz Sivesind AvatarMissie Reitz Sivesind

My dad is a mechanic and has used her business for years! Never a complaint or worry!

Ron Errickson AvatarRon Errickson


Amazing customer service!

Amazing prices!


The best part is the people who work there are...
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Frank Incremona AvatarFrank Incremona

Very organized yard. Easy to locate the cars from which to pick parts. Courteous and friendly service.

Patricia Gail Sportfishing AvatarPatricia Gail Sportfishing

thanks to her generosity and support of emergency services we had a successful training night. I can not thank her enough


Dan Gaunt AvatarDan Gaunt

My absolute favorite place to go for parts. Been going there for years, best prices and the nicest people there!

Janet Vega AvatarJanet Vega

Really nice place very well mannered and yard is very big and always have our parts... thanks

Cara Phelan AvatarCara Phelan

I was in the process of junking my old car and had asked for a quote a few weeks before. They were responsive and told me exactly what I needed... read more

Patrick Linde AvatarPatrick Linde

One of the last old school yards left. Hope to see u guys I mean ladies soon

Mark Anthony AvatarMark Anthony

Large selection unbelievable prices highly recommended

Joey Bashwinger AvatarJoey Bashwinger

Jyb was as real as it gets staff was super friendly being a junkyard great prices great people

Jeanne Yancer AvatarJeanne Yancer

Awesome! I got 4 tires on rims excellent condition + the people were so friendly + helpful! Best price ever!

Chris Kelvin Montano AvatarChris Kelvin Montano

That junk yark they take care u good alway smell u

Marc Weissman AvatarMarc Weissman

Great place to get parts.Good prices and very helpful employees.Highly recommend JYB

Bob Dietrich AvatarBob Dietrich

Bob Dietrich recommends Junkyard Barbie Pic-A-Part.

August 6 at 3:25 PM ·

I was at Junk Yard Barbie's on Friday. I needed several parts for different cars. I was treated...
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Jarrod Spishock AvatarJarrod Spishock

They are awesome people! Really helped me out in a pinch! The owner is so cool and really cute! Lol

Kristy Leanne Gundrum-Cleghorn AvatarKristy Leanne Gundrum-Cleghorn

Junkyard Barbie is awesome !! They've always treated my husband and I great ! We wouldn't go anywhere else ! Thank you !!

Gene Ragan AvatarGene Ragan

They always help when you ask questions and they always try to give you an honest answer. Ex... I asked about a trans for a ford explorer and they told... read more

Karen Worthington Diener AvatarKaren Worthington Diener

Great customer service !!

Linda McFadden AvatarLinda McFadden

Thank you so much on helping me get rid of my moms car that has been sitting. No one would come take this car off our hands and we... read more

Kevin Zeek AvatarKevin Zeek

I love jyb everyone is great iv bin going there for years the prices are amazing and that are very knowledgeable and more fair thank u jyb you guys are awesome

Lorrie Danner Gartner AvatarLorrie Danner Gartner

She is awesome and honest!! 💖💖

Arielle Elizabeth Gulden AvatarArielle Elizabeth Gulden

Best prices, best employees, and the biggest selection in the area ♡

Melissa Pellegrino AvatarMelissa Pellegrino

These guys are amazing!! For a smaller junkyard they have an awesome selection at affordable prices! I always look forward to making trips to there because I know it will... read more

Ed Von Krum AvatarEd Von Krum

I get a kick out of telling people how much the parts cost at barbies but it typically is followed up by can you see if they have it and... read more

Scott Gilmore AvatarScott Gilmore

Michelle and her staff are great help never had a bad experience with them. Keep up the good work

Jason Scheimreif AvatarJason Scheimreif

I've been restoring a car. Everyone I have called just says to come down because they have what I need. 2 hours after climbing through their junk yard I find... read more

Jamar Jackson AvatarJamar Jackson

Prices are good and the customer service is great I have nothing bad to say

Matt Gesualdi AvatarMatt Gesualdi

The staff is very accommodating, it was a good experience.

Gary Kleppe AvatarGary Kleppe

Good place for a good deal .

Paul Tertelis AvatarPaul Tertelis

friendly staff. very well organized yard. all laid out by make, which is great, you spend less time searching for a vehicle you're looking for and more time getting your parts.