Customer Reviews

Brandon R M Welsh AvatarBrandon R M Welsh

Usually have what I need. Some times she don't. But hey. Understandable right? But the prices of the parts are amazing.

Cara Phelan AvatarCara Phelan

I was in the process of junking my old car and had asked for a quote a few weeks before. They were responsive and told me exactly what I needed... read more

Jarrod Spishock AvatarJarrod Spishock

They are awesome people! Really helped me out in a pinch! The owner is so cool and really cute! Lol

Carol Gallagher AvatarCarol Gallagher

I love this place.. they are fantastic. I just had my van towed though junkyard Barbie and were awesome from phone call to pick up I give place a... read more

barry hajducek Avatarbarry hajducek

A very fair business. Very helpful. I was treated with respect. I found the appropriate part needed. I paid them, thanked them, they thanked me.

That's good business . ...
read more

Andrew Guthlein AvatarAndrew Guthlein

You've been to the rest now stop in to see the best

Ed Von Krum AvatarEd Von Krum

I get a kick out of telling people how much the parts cost at barbies but it typically is followed up by can you see if they have it and... read more

Shaakarr Almeida AvatarShaakarr Almeida

Check out my Girl Junk Yard Barbie

Bryan Karasow AvatarBryan Karasow

This place was great, only place to ever have the parts needed and the prices are great. The lady's in the office were great and I definitely recommend this place... read more

Ray Buraczewski AvatarRay Buraczewski

got parts for every car I ever owned from there. this place is great!!!

Laura Ann Gasser AvatarLaura Ann Gasser

Amazing people willing to help the best they can

Jamar Jackson AvatarJamar Jackson

Prices are good and the customer service is great I have nothing bad to say

Eyese Alcantara AvatarEyese Alcantara

Es lo mejor que existe en la zona. urrrrrrrrrrr

aaaaaaaaa. Para piezas baratas y por lotes, hay la puedes encontrar

Anthony Edwin Arroyo AvatarAnthony Edwin Arroyo

I need a back seat for an 02'' Pt cruiser limited....

Amanda Lynn McCparty AvatarAmanda Lynn McCparty

I love everything Junkyard Barbie is about!!! Definitely take the time to go here for any parts you may need !

Billy Foster AvatarBilly Foster

Killer needs more nude pictures posted daily hahahaha

Crystal Lynette Griffin AvatarCrystal Lynette Griffin

Always my 1st choice!

Joey Bashwinger AvatarJoey Bashwinger

Jyb was as real as it gets staff was super friendly being a junkyard great prices great people

Marc Weissman AvatarMarc Weissman

Great place to get parts.Good prices and very helpful employees.Highly recommend JYB

Rokero Fenderson AvatarRokero Fenderson

The best junkyard. everybody is really nice God bless you guy's

Matt John AvatarMatt John

Great place with fair prices and great people!!!! Was recommended by my boys @[100000039115679:Jason Parkes] and @[1531175071:Jesse Parkes]!!!!

Arielle Elizabeth Gulden AvatarArielle Elizabeth Gulden

Best prices, best employees, and the biggest selection in the area ♡

Kevin Zeek AvatarKevin Zeek

I love jyb everyone is great iv bin going there for years the prices are amazing and that are very knowledgeable and more fair thank u jyb you guys are awesome

Diane Schilling AvatarDiane Schilling

Had a great experience there I was bringing an old car to het and she was very nice and the transaction was quick and easy

Iris Perez AvatarIris Perez

It's a great junkyard, friendly workers and very helpful. Keep up the good

Missie Reitz Sivesind AvatarMissie Reitz Sivesind

My dad is a mechanic and has used her business for years! Never a complaint or worry!

Paul Tertelis AvatarPaul Tertelis

Great place, friendly and informative staff, and a very well-organized yard. Everything's laid out by vehicle make and type. definitely be returning here for all my Pick-A-Part needs.

Gary Kleppe AvatarGary Kleppe

Good place for a good deal .

Hugh Campbell AvatarHugh Campbell

yep got 2 great hub caps, and our daughter got to see a woman Kicking ass in a so called mans world.

Hugh P Campbell

Melissa Pellegrino AvatarMelissa Pellegrino

These guys are amazing!! For a smaller junkyard they have an awesome selection at affordable prices! I always look forward to making trips to there because I know it will... read more