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Carol Gallagher AvatarCarol Gallagher

I love this place.. they are fantastic. I just had my van towed though junkyard Barbie and were awesome from phone call to pick up I give place a... read more

Diane Schilling AvatarDiane Schilling

Had a great experience there I was bringing an old car to het and she was very nice and the transaction was quick and easy

Ray Buraczewski AvatarRay Buraczewski

positive review  got parts for every car I ever owned from there. this place is great!!!

Karen Worthington Diener AvatarKaren Worthington Diener

Great customer service !!

Jeanne Yancer AvatarJeanne Yancer

Awesome! I got 4 tires on rims excellent condition + the people were so friendly + helpful! Best price ever!

Shaakarr Almeida AvatarShaakarr Almeida

Check out my Girl Junk Yard Barbie

Cuba Rodriguez AvatarCuba Rodriguez

I've been going here for probably 20 to 25 yrs. One of my favorite yards. The people who work there are awesome & friendly. Most of whom have been... read more

Timothy Hammond AvatarTimothy Hammond

Best Pic a Part yard in the Philly area period great prices and cool people!

Brandon R M Welsh AvatarBrandon R M Welsh

Usually have what I need. Some times she don't. But hey. Understandable right? But the prices of the parts are amazing.

James Beagle AvatarJames Beagle

Super nice and great prices

TrishaMae Virtucio Abrenica AvatarTrishaMae Virtucio Abrenica


Carlo Orsini AvatarCarlo Orsini

Thank you for allowing both the fire department and emt students to practice the necessary skills needed in such a great and controlled environment. Your kindness won't go unnoticed.

Patricia Gail Sportfishing AvatarPatricia Gail Sportfishing

thanks to her generosity and support of emergency services we had a successful training night. I can not thank her enough


Kim Krajewski AvatarKim Krajewski

Huge Thank you to Junkyard Barbie for their support of the Community. It was awesome of you for providing the vehicles and a place for a great training... read more

Jamar Jackson AvatarJamar Jackson

Prices are good and the customer service is great I have nothing bad to say

Eyese Alcantara AvatarEyese Alcantara

Es lo mejor que existe en la zona. urrrrrrrrrrr
aaaaaaaaa. Para piezas baratas y por lotes, hay la puedes encontrar

Arielle Elizabeth Gulden AvatarArielle Elizabeth Gulden

Best prices, best employees, and the biggest selection in the area ♡

Melissa Pellegrino AvatarMelissa Pellegrino

These guys are amazing!! For a smaller junkyard they have an awesome selection at affordable prices! I always look forward to making trips to there because I know it will... read more

Matt Mersky AvatarMatt Mersky

Love it

Den Fuss AvatarDen Fuss

it s the best place for parts around . jyb is the best

Mark Anthony AvatarMark Anthony

Large selection unbelievable prices highly recommended

Bryan Karasow AvatarBryan Karasow

This place was great, only place to ever have the parts needed and the prices are great. The lady's in the office were great and I definitely recommend this place... read more

Billy Foster AvatarBilly Foster

Killer needs more nude pictures posted daily hahahaha

Bob Dietrich AvatarBob Dietrich

positive review  I was at Junk Yard Barbie's on Friday. I needed several parts for different cars. I was treated like a VIP. Kimmie worked quite a while trying to locate a... read more

Kimmi Biederbeck AvatarKimmi Biederbeck

Obviously "BRAXTON SMITH" and "B. SMITH" must be the same person. He seems to get enjoyment from bashing Junkyard Barbies. I have been involved with this yard since it... read more

Cara Phelan AvatarCara Phelan

I was in the process of junking my old car and had asked for a quote a few weeks before. They were responsive and told me exactly what I needed... read more

John Finchen AvatarJohn Finchen

Huge Thank you to Junkyard Barbie for their support of the Community and the next generation of public service individuals. It was outstanding of you for not only providing... read more

Edwin N Serrano AvatarEdwin N Serrano

Great spot always find what I need for my Suzuki sidekick

Jarrod Spishock AvatarJarrod Spishock

They are awesome people! Really helped me out in a pinch! The owner is so cool and really cute! Lol

Karl Hay AvatarKarl Hay

great yard always have wat i need and then some great prices and great employees