Amanda Lynn McCparty AvatarAmanda Lynn McCparty

I love everything Junkyard Barbie is about!!! Definitely take the time to go here for any parts you may need ! - 7/28/2017 

Melissa Pellegrino AvatarMelissa Pellegrino

These guys are amazing!! For a smaller junkyard they have an awesome selection at affordable prices! I always look forward to making trips to there because I know it will... read more - 11/07/2013 

Antoine Johnson AvatarAntoine Johnson

All the used parts of what you need and you get to look at gorgeous Barbie - 10/26/2021 

Linda McFadden AvatarLinda McFadden

Thank you so much on helping me get rid of my moms car that has been sitting. No one would come take this car off our hands and we... read more - 11/16/2016 

Paul Tertelis AvatarPaul Tertelis

positive review  friendly staff. very well organized yard. all laid out by make, which is great, you spend less time searching for a vehicle you're looking for and more time getting your parts. - 12/23/2018 

Anthony Edwin Arroyo AvatarAnthony Edwin Arroyo

I need a back seat for an 02'' Pt cruiser limited.... - 4/18/2014 

Mike Kauffman AvatarMike Kauffman

Great place for parts. Friendly staff. - 12/14/2013 

Karen Worthington Diener AvatarKaren Worthington Diener

Great customer service !! - 10/20/2013 

Ethan Bowman AvatarEthan Bowman

If you have the tools theres some good stuff prices are pretty good too. Not too many older cars but lots of mid 2000s stuff. - 10/26/2021 

Eyese Alcantara AvatarEyese Alcantara

Es lo mejor que existe en la zona. urrrrrrrrrrr
aaaaaaaaa. Para piezas baratas y por lotes, hay la puedes encontrar - 11/28/2017 

amanda Avataramanda

Super organized and awesome junkyard. Owner and staff were super knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely worth making the visit. Drove an hour and was not disappointed. Better than anything I’ve seen... read more - 1/06/2022 

TrishaMae Virtucio Abrenica AvatarTrishaMae Virtucio Abrenica

Wonderful - 11/16/2013 

Scott Gilmore AvatarScott Gilmore

Michelle and her staff are great help never had a bad experience with them. Keep up the good work - 7/28/2015 

Cuba Rodriguez AvatarCuba Rodriguez

I've been going here for probably 20 to 25 yrs. One of my favorite yards. The people who work there are awesome & friendly. Most of whom have been... read more - 7/08/2018 

Arielle Elizabeth Gulden AvatarArielle Elizabeth Gulden

Best prices, best employees, and the biggest selection in the area ♡ - 5/18/2017 

Edwin N Serrano AvatarEdwin N Serrano

Great spot always find what I need for my Suzuki sidekick - 7/23/2015 

Frank Reilly AvatarFrank Reilly

positive review  Great place very friendly and helpful!!! - 1/16/2019 

Shaakarr Almeida AvatarShaakarr Almeida

Check out my Girl Junk Yard Barbie - 10/21/2013 

Den Fuss AvatarDen Fuss

it s the best place for parts around . jyb is the best - 9/26/2018 

Bob Dietrich AvatarBob Dietrich

Great seeing you and your crew today. I'm a little upset I'm not in the sexy man club. I did get all the parts I was looking for and at... read more - 3/10/2016 

Bob Dietrich AvatarBob Dietrich

positive review  I was at Junk Yard Barbie's on Friday. I needed several parts for different cars. I was treated like a VIP. Kimmie worked quite a while trying to locate a... read more - 8/06/2018 

Gary Kleppe AvatarGary Kleppe

Good place for a good deal . - 10/21/2013 

S Harviroc EL AvatarS Harviroc EL

I wrote a review that was the wrong Junkyard. I never been to Junkyard Barbie's - 1/07/2022 

Cody Dietzy Dietz AvatarCody Dietzy Dietz

positive review  I have wanted to go check Pic-A-Part out for quit some time. i haven't made it there yet unfortunately. - 1/06/2019 

Jeannie Davis Robidoux AvatarJeannie Davis Robidoux

positive review  Thanks for the great transaction in removing my Ion. - 12/15/2018 

Kristy Leanne Gundrum-Cleghorn AvatarKristy Leanne Gundrum-Cleghorn

Junkyard Barbie is awesome !! They've always treated my husband and I great ! We wouldn't go anywhere else ! Thank you !! - 9/14/2014 

Janet Vega AvatarJanet Vega

Really nice place very well mannered and yard is very big and always have our parts... thanks - 10/09/2016 

Carlo Orsini AvatarCarlo Orsini

Thank you for allowing both the fire department and emt students to practice the necessary skills needed in such a great and controlled environment. Your kindness won't go unnoticed. - 5/13/2016 

Mike Belcher AvatarMike Belcher

Great to see you @Hot Dogs & Hot Rods showing your support and spreading SMILES ✌ - 6/26/2016 

Bryan Karasow AvatarBryan Karasow

This place was great, only place to ever have the parts needed and the prices are great. The lady's in the office were great and I definitely recommend this place... read more - 1/09/2018