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Customer Reviews
Tyler Farr AvatarTyler Farr

Old fashioned junk yard. Nice and organized. Good prices none of this "Well a new part is $500 so used it's $200" like a lot of the newer junk yards. - 9/09/2022 

Arielle Elizabeth Gulden AvatarArielle Elizabeth Gulden

Best prices, best employees, and the biggest selection in the area ♡ - 5/18/2017 

Lorrie Danner Gartner AvatarLorrie Danner Gartner

She is awesome and honest. Love everyone that works there. Great bunch of people. - 9/26/2018 

Katie Alullo AvatarKatie Alullo

I emailed the company about my 2011 Ford Fiesta. Michelle was extremely kind to me over the phone and explained what they would be looking for with the car, and... read more - 5/24/2022 

Matt Mersky AvatarMatt Mersky

Love it - 2/17/2014 

Lorrie Danner Gartner AvatarLorrie Danner Gartner

positive review  She is awesome and honest!! ?? - 9/26/2018 

Cuba Rodriguez AvatarCuba Rodriguez

I've been going here for probably 20 to 25 yrs. One of my favorite yards. The people who work there are awesome & friendly. Most of whom have been... read more - 7/08/2018 

Billy Patterson AvatarBilly Patterson

Sold my car quick and easy. We buy any car was giving me the run-around. - 4/13/2022 

Frank Monachelli AvatarFrank Monachelli

Hit the nail on the head. Great prices. Better people. Don't think there's another yard on earth that has better or more friendly people. Smooth - 1/19/2014 

Anthony Edwin Arroyo AvatarAnthony Edwin Arroyo

I need a back seat for an 02'' Pt cruiser limited.... - 4/18/2014 

Carol Gallagher AvatarCarol Gallagher

This is the second time I have used junkyard Barbie this is an absolutely fabulous company to do business with they are friendly and kind and most importantly honest, so... read more - 1/06/2022 

Kevin Zeek AvatarKevin Zeek

I love jyb everyone is great iv bin going there for years the prices are amazing and that are very knowledgeable and more fair thank u jyb you guys are awesome - 8/30/2018 

Francisco Guzman AvatarFrancisco Guzman

Best junk yard hands down!!!! Been going there for 20 years..I was even one of the first ones to get a junkyard Barbie VIP life time card with her lips... read more - 1/11/2018 

Cara Phelan AvatarCara Phelan

I was in the process of junking my old car and had asked for a quote a few weeks before. They were responsive and told me exactly what I needed... read more - 1/22/2018 

TrishaMae Virtucio Abrenica AvatarTrishaMae Virtucio Abrenica

Wonderful - 11/16/2013 

Amanda Lynn McCparty AvatarAmanda Lynn McCparty

I love everything Junkyard Barbie is about!!! Definitely take the time to go here for any parts you may need ! - 7/28/2017 

Jarrod Spishock AvatarJarrod Spishock

They are awesome people! Really helped me out in a pinch! The owner is so cool and really cute! Lol - 7/19/2015 

Brian Romanek AvatarBrian Romanek

I’ve been coming here for almost 20 years and have never had a bad experience. The staff is always willing to help me when asked about a specific car they... read more - 1/19/2022 

Timothy Hammond AvatarTimothy Hammond

Best Pic a Part yard in the Philly area period great prices and cool people! - 8/28/2016 

Ray Buraczewski AvatarRay Buraczewski

positive review  got parts for every car I ever owned from there. this place is great!!! - 10/24/2018 

Andrew Guthlein AvatarAndrew Guthlein

You've been to the rest now stop in to see the best - 9/23/2015 

Karl Hay AvatarKarl Hay

great yard always have wat i need and then some great prices and great employees - 10/31/2017 

Bryan Karasow AvatarBryan Karasow

This place was great, only place to ever have the parts needed and the prices are great. The lady's in the office were great and I definitely recommend this place... read more - 1/09/2018 

Scott Gilmore AvatarScott Gilmore

Michelle and her staff are great help never had a bad experience with them. Keep up the good work - 7/28/2015 

Linda McFadden AvatarLinda McFadden

Thank you so much on helping me get rid of my moms car that has been sitting. No one would come take this car off our hands and we... read more - 11/16/2016 

Crystal Lynette Griffin AvatarCrystal Lynette Griffin

Always my 1st choice! - 10/21/2013 

Hugh Campbell AvatarHugh Campbell

yep got 2 great hub caps, and our daughter got to see a woman Kicking ass in a so called mans world.
Hugh P Campbell - 10/17/2015 

Gene Ragan AvatarGene Ragan

positive review  They always help when you ask questions and they always try to give you an honest answer. Ex... I asked about a trans for a ford explorer and they told... read more - 6/18/2018 

Paul Tertelis AvatarPaul Tertelis

positive review  friendly staff. very well organized yard. all laid out by make, which is great, you spend less time searching for a vehicle you're looking for and more time getting your parts. - 12/23/2018 

Iris Perez AvatarIris Perez

It's a great junkyard, friendly workers and very helpful. Keep up the good - 7/22/2018