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Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly who pays me and when do I get paid?
You will be paid cash on the spot for the vehicle: Picked Up or Dropped Off!
If the car gets picked up, the driver will inspect the vehicle to make sure the Engine, Transmission, Tires, Battery, and Catalytic Converter are intact and if it checks out you will be given a sealed envelope with the agreed upon cash.

In order to get the full agreed upon price what do I need to have on the vehicle?
The Engine, Transmission, Tires, Battery, and Catalytic Converter must be intact to get the full amount. If you are missing any of these items let us know before the driver comes out to pick it up. If any of these are missing you may not get the full amount but we will work with you on an agreeable price.

What if the vehicle doesn’t run, smashed, crashed etc.?
It doesn’t matter to us as long as the items above are on the vehicle.

 I’ve been told its common practice for junkyards to offer a high amount and then upon receiving the vehicle they pick it apart and low ball the customer.

Do I need to worry about this?
If your vehicle has the above items we will NEVER try and offer you a lower price than what we agreed on…we succeed because of our repeat customers and referrals…it only takes one instance to ruin a reputation!

What do you need to know about the location?
We need the exact address with zip code and if the vehicle is at a commercial occupancy or residential. If it’s commercial tell us the name of the business. When is someone going to be with the vehicle.
We need to know if the vehicle is accessible…it’s important to tell us about obstacles or challenges. For example if it’s stuck in 3 feet of mud or blocked in by a tractor trailer or it’s at the bottom of a lake.
Please tell us these things before we send out a truck.
Also if the tires are flat we need to know so we can send the right type of truck.

What if I don’t have the title…can I still sell the car?
Yes. You need the registration card, insurance card for the vehicle (can be expired), and a copy of the owner’s driver’s license and you will have a simple form you need to sign. We take care of the rest with Harrisburg.

The car is in my spouses name and they won’t be home at the time of pick-up…what do I need to do to sell the car?
You need a form signed by the owner stating the car is being sold to Pic-A-Part and copy of the owner’s driver’s license. We will take care of the rest.

What tag agency do you use to handle the DMV paperwork?
We have our own Notary/Title Clerk of 34 years of experience. We handle everything in-house and can guarantee the paperwork is filed properly, legally and on time. Government documentation can be produced upon request.

Are you an actual junkyard or a junk vehicle removal service and what’s the difference?
We are an actual junkyard physically located at 820 Bristol Pike and have been in business at the same location for over 19 years. We do all of the DMV paperwork and when the vehicle leaves the yard it’s crushed and recycled.
A scrap vehicle removal service will also give you money for your junk vehicle, but then they broker it off to whoever gives them the highest price.
They are notorious for skipping the legally required DMV paperwork. Some are unethical and will sell the VIN number to thieves who may use it in a crime.
Skip the middle man and sell it directly to Pic-A-Part or if we don’t agree on a price sell it directly to a reputable junkyard.

What happens to my car after you purchase it?

  1. Our Notary takes care of filing an MV-7 form which makes the car a non-repairable vehicle that will be crushed. This also makes the VIN number unusable protecting you from fraud.
  2. The vehicle is processed in house by our staff which includes removing the catalytic converter, draining all fluids, rendering the fuel tank unusable and removing the battery.
  3. All the removed fluid and parts get recycled or reused. We care about the planet!
  4. The vehicle is inspected for any personal belongings and discarded and then is put into the field where parts will be sold to customers.
  5. When it’s deemed all usable parts are sold, it will be crushed and sold for scrap where it will be ground up and recycled into consumer products.

 Do I need to clean everything out of the car before I give it to you?
Yes. Make sure you clean everything out of the vehicle. Take off Your License Plate. It’s important to protect your personal identity against identity theft; so make sure any credit card receipts, checks, bills or anything with your name, social security number or account numbers on it are removed. We look through the vehicle before putting in the yard but we may miss something. Don’t rely on anyone else to safeguard your identity!

PA State Attorney General’s Office Identity Theft Tool Kit

What happens if I forget to remove my license plate?
License plates are cut into strips and recycled into usable products.

Do all of those pink signs on the telephone poles belong to you?
We DO NOT hang pink signs on telephone poles. We advertise in the newspapers, phone books, Craigslist and social media; not on telephone poles.
Do you ever “lend” vehicles to the fire department or police department for training? Could my vehicle help the local responders?
We work closely with both the local police departments and fire departments and do occasionally lend them vehicles to be cut up, reenact crash scenes, or be used for K-9 training in the yard. Some Vehicles are Used for Fire Week or during Thanksgiving to show what can happen if You Drink and Drive or Text. We try and accommodate them with whatever manpower and time permits.

What happens if I leave something in the vehicle after you pick it up?
Call us right away and we will try and help you out.