This weather is a killer. The snow, the ice, the pot holes- it can really take a toll on your car. If this harsh weather is leaving you feeling a little exposed, come check out our Hub Cap Shack. We have many customers looking for hub caps in the wintertime especially, so we wanted to remind you that the shack is OPEN. There are hub caps, center caps, car manuals, and even some little odds and ends here and there. Be prepared to dig in and have some fun.   Come out and bring your junkyard money, because each hub cap is  $5 or less! Enjoy:)♥







About Brittany

Brittany works at Pic-A-Part up front at the counter answering phone calls, pricing out parts, and doing whatever else her mother, JYB, can think of. She silk screens, helps with projects, and has now recently started working on editing and writing for the website!
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