We look forward to making a deal with you to purchase your vehicle. Your information has been received and you should here from us by phone or email shortly. If we come to an agreed price for your vehicle here is some information that may be helpful to you so we can complete this transaction smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers can be found here

Here is a summary:
You will be paid cash on the spot for the vehicle. If you bring the vehicle into the yard you will be paid at the yard before you leave. If the car gets picked up, the driver will inspect the vehicle to make sure the engine, transmission, tires, battery, radio and catalytic converter are intact and if it checks out you will be given a sealed envelope with the agreed upon cash.

The engine, transmission, tires, battery, radio and catalytic converter must be intact to get the full amount. If you are missing any of these items let us know before the driver comes out to pick it up. If any of these are missing you may not get the full amount but we will work with you on an agreeable price.

You will need the title if you do not have a title you need the registration card, insurance card for the vehicle (can be expired), and a copy of the owner’s driver’s license and you will have a simple form you need to sign. We take care of the rest with Harrisburg.

If the owner can not be with the vehicle when we pick it up we need a form signed by the owner stating the car is being sold to Pic-A-Part and copy of the owner’s driver’s license. We will take care of the rest.

Again Thank You
As Always We Are Truly Grateful for Your Patronage. Thank you and God Bless!