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About Pic-A-Part aka Junkyard Barbie

Junkyard Barbie TeamPic-A-Part, LLC is  Female Owned and Operated by Michelle Corbi Founded in January 2002 More about the owner: See Wikipedia: Michelle Corbi Junkyard Barbie

The yard was previously known as “Houston’s Junk Yard”

It came with a lot of baggage. Numerous environmental concerns and disorganization had to be addressed and this was a project Michelle was willing to accept.

Junkyard Barbie Aerial ViewIn 2002 Pic-A-Part was run with literally 2 people and today it employs a team of personnel. In 2002 about 3 acres of the yard were accessible and today 8+ acres are available to customers in need of salvage auto parts. We organize the yard by make and type for easier navigation.

Pic-A-Part is dedicated to being one of the cleanest and best organized self service (You Pull It) style yards in the Delaware Valley.

Pic-A-Part is a good neighbor, recycling partner and resource in the community. The yard donates cars to the local fire departments for training. We also support and hosts charitable and community events throughout the Philadelphia region all year long. Michelle is Also A Huge Animal Advocate and Raises Money All Year.

 Meet Michelle aka Junkyard Barbie

Junkyard Barbie Courier Times Interview June 9 2013