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Sell Your Vehicle!

How much $$ CASH $$ is Your Clunker worth?

Junkyard Barbie will pay you Cash on the Spot for Your Vehicle whether you bring it in to our yard or we pick it up from your location.

If you Bring the Vehicle into the yard, you will be paid cash at the yard before you leave.

If the car gets Picked up, the Tow Truck Driver will Inspect your vehicle to make sure the Engine, Transmission, Tires, Battery and Catalytic Converter are intact. If it is complete; You will be Given a Sealed Envelope with the Agreed Upon Cash.

While many other scrap yards and fly-by night junk car buyers have come and gone, we have built both our business and reputation on fair and honest transactions. This is why we have thrived at the same location for 20 years.

We are an Actual Junkyard Located at 820 Old Route 13 (Philadelphia Ave or Old Bristol Pike is the same road) in Morrisville, PA. Stop in and see us.

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