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George H Chronister

Hello All, Looking for used parts for your car at very reasonable prices. How about looking to get rid of an old junker that you have been meaning to get rid of for years. Well Barbies Junkyard is the place to go, I have been buying parts from here for my kids cars for years. I recently had them pick up an old junker I have been wanting to get rid of for a long time. I was so impressed with how easy they made it and the tow truck drive was awesome. They gave me double the amount for my car that other were offering me. Thank you to JYB.


The place it’s well organized. The front lady was great on telling us that the parts for the car we were looking might not be there it’s a 50/50 chances. Over all well organized place

S.P. Coolbaugh

I had a cracked tailight on my truck which is a newer model and has backup sensors in it. Because of that, you can't just by new plastic; you have to buy the entire assembly. The dealership wanted over $1,000 for a tailight!!!! I could not get the vehicle inspected with the tailight being cracked, and it being a newer model, I was unsuccessful at attempting to find one at a salvage yard. At the same time no salvage yard took the time to give me any helpful advice until I called Pick A Part. Although she did not have the tailight for me she took time to help me find an economical alternative and saved me $800 dollars: truly cares about customer service, and genuinely helping people. Qualities that seems to be disappearing, especially when it comes to do with anything in the automotive business. A breath of fresh air.

Jose Caraballo

Went in today 04/10/21 they had and all you can carry sale and was able to get a few parts at a great price. Will definitely do it again.

Stacy McGee (Stacy)

Ive met the owner a few times over the years at car shows and such. When it was finally time to let go of my minivan her guy came to pick it up within a few hours, handed me cash and even broke into it for me to get the stuff that was locked inside. Easy-going towtruck driver who was friendly and had patience Thank you Michelle and thankyou to her crew for their spectacular service.