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Junkyard Wars Information About Bandit Signs

At Pic-A-Part LLC aka Junkyard Barbie we pride ourselves to operate our business to higher standards than you will usually find in the salvage business.  We have found that friendly service backed with honesty & integrity is the asset that keeps or business thriving.

However Consumers BeWare not everything is what it seems!

Pink signs everywhere!

You’ve seen them they are on telephone poles in Philly, Montgomery County and Bucks County. Those pink signs known as “Bandit Signs” don’t belong to us!

Junk car referral services hang these signs and because they are pink, people assume they are ours.  They Are Not Our’s A scrap vehicle removal service will also give you money for your junk vehicle, but then they broker it off to whoever gives them the highest price.

They are notorious for skipping the legally required DMV paperwork.  Some are unethical and will sell the VIN number to thieves who may use it in a crime. 

 Skip the middle man and sell it directly to Pic-A-Part or if we don’t agree on a price sell it directly to a reputable junkyard. We are an actual junkyard physically located at 820 Bristol Pike (Old 13) and have been in business at the same location for over 10 years. We do all of the DMV paperwork and when the vehicle leaves the yard it’s crushed and recycled.

We have signs located in Morrisville to give directions to the yard and we have signs outside of our yard. All of our signs have our name, phone number, logo and a slogan.

Look for our ads in the newspapers, internet, phone book and on Craigslist. We also attend car shows and community events.

For More information on local bandit signs:

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